Expanding Access to Coverage


Connecticut Residents That Have Lost Health Insurance Because They’ve Lost Their Jobs Can Enroll In Health Insurance Coverage Through Access Health CT. “Access Health CT is reminding the recently unemployed about Special Enrollment Periods that allow Connecticut residents to enroll in health insurance coverage outside of the annual Open Enrollment Period, Nov. 1-Dec. 15.” (Staff, “Unemployed Residents Can Apply For Insurance,” Register Citizen, 3/30/20)

Connecticut Moves To Help Those Who Lost Their Jobs. “Connecticut’s health insurance marketplace announced Wednesday that uninsured residents will be able to sign up for coverage under a special enrollment period that’s been created in light of the coronavirus.  Eligible residents can begin signing up Thursday for plans offered by Access Health CT’s two insurance carriers, Anthem and ConnectiCare.  The enrollment period ends April 2, and the coverage will begin on April 1.” (“New England States Move To Help Those Who Lose Their Jobs,” The Associated Press, 3/18/20)

A New, Special Open Enrollment Period Is Available For The 200,000 Uninsured Connecticut Residents To Get Health Care Coverage During The Coronavirus Crisis. “’For the time being this special open enrollment is open until April 2.  But the closer we get to that deadline, I think you know we will have conversations not only with the governor’s office but with our two participating carriers to determine if there is going to be an extension,’ said Andrea Ravitz with Access Health CT.” (Brian Scott-Smith, “Special Enrollment Period For Connecticut Health Insurance May Be Extended,” WSHU, 3/19/20)

Access Health Connecticut Announce New Enrollment Period For Uninsured Residents Amid COVID-19 Concerns. “Access Health CT announced a new special enrollment period for uninsured Connecticut residents on Tuesday morning.  Starting Thursday, March 19 until Thursday, April 2, individuals can sign up for a health insurance plan offered by either of Access Health CT’s two insurance carriers.” (Staff, “Access Health Connecticut Announce New Enrollment Period For Uninsured Residents Amid COVID-19 Concerns,” WVIT NBC, 3/18/20)   

Access Health CT Is Extending Special Enrollment Period Until April 17. “Access Health CT is extending a special enrollment period for uninsured Connecticut residents through April 17.  The enrollment period was due to end Thursday night, but the insurance marketplace was flooded with calls on Wednesday from people who lost their insurance due to a job loss during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.” (Staff, “Access Health CT Extends Special Enrollment Period Until April 17,” WVIT NBC, 4/2/20)

Health Insurance Providers In Connecticut Are Providing A 60-Day Grace Period For Premium Payments, Policy Cancellations, And Non-Renewals Of Insurance Policies. “Governor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 7S enacts a 60-day grace period for premium payments, policy cancellations, and non-renewals of insurance policies from April 1 to June 1.” (State Of Connecticut Insurance Department, “Protection Of Public Health And Safety During Covid-19 Pandemic And Response – Safe Stores, Relief For Policyholders, Taxpayers, And Tenants,” Press Release, 4/2/20)

Governor Lamont Announces 60-Day Grace Period For Insurance Payments. “The move is designed to help those who have been furloughed, laid off or fired during the coronavirus crisis and are unable to make insurance payments.  This includes life, health, automotive, casualty and other types of insurance plans.” (Staff, “Governor Announces 60-Day Grace Period For Insurance Payments,” WVIT NBC, 4/1/20)

Former Republican State Legislator Kevin Rennie: Connecticut Is Prepared To Help Its Citizens With Health Insurance. “Connecticut had not fully recovered the jobs it lost in the last recession more than a decade ago.  An economic restart will not eliminate hardship.  A significant number of the recently unemployed are going to need some help maintaining health insurance coverage beyond the current choices.  Our state is home to a concentration of health insurance experts.  The expansion of telemedicine is one example of their talent for innovation.  Let’s put it to work.  They want to help.” (Kevin Rennie, “People Will Need Help With Health Insurance, But Connecticut Can Provide,” Hartford Courant, 3/26/20)